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Lady Bugs
May Feature: The Much-Loved Ladybug
Otherwise known as ladybird, or lady beetle.

Or lady cow.

Or golden knop, or freyjuhena, or bishy-bishy-barnabee - it depends on where you're from and whom you've named it after. The Norse goddess Freyja? Saint Barnabas? If you opt for "ladybug," you're alluding to "Our Lady" Mary, whose red cloak and seven joys and sorrows correspond to the bug's red shell and seven spots.

(But you have to admit, bishy-bishy-barnabee has a nice ring to it.)


Recipe of the Month
Recipe of the Month: Rhubarb Fool
A fool, according to Epicurious.com, is an old British dessert where fruit purée is folded into whipped cream. This one, made with rhubarb, is seasonal, quite easy and extremely good.

How do you get ladybugs to live in your garden?
Ladybugs don't just eat aphids, of course. They eat other soft-bodied sap-suckers too, and pollen - an important dietary back-up for when the pests aren't so numerous.

Garden Quiz
Which of the following ladybug facts is not true?

A. They hibernate.
B. They can bleed at will.
C. They play dead.
D. None of the above.

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