Rue Lindgren, President and Founder

Rue Lindgren appreciates the challenge of successful landscape architecture. Though Rue initially planned to be an architect, she soon realized that she was designing structures around the landscape instead of the other way around. When Rue began working for a large landscaped development, acquiring materials from the grower and managing their planting, it was a perfect fit.

The laid-back but hard working nature of the industry, the connection with growers, and her love of plants culminated in Rue finding her life's work. She immediately dreamed of developing a business which would bring together growers and landscapers. That was ten years ago. Since then, she has started a family (with a daughter and son now in school), and she is focused on launching this concept.

Simply put, Rue knows how to save you time and money in your landscaping jobs. She's been where you are, and with connections throughout the Portland/Vancouver area and professional and dependable customer service, Rue knows how to get things done.

Rue's lifelong love and respect for plants seems to be in the genes. Her grandmother was highly involved with The Bellevue Botanical Gardens. Her grandparents in Vancouver, bought the three acres next door, just to save two of the oldest trees in town. Rue and her husband, as well as other family members, were married underneath these trees. They must bring good luck, because all married beneath them have been happily married ever since.