Please review our most commonly asked questions. If you’ve got a question and you can’t find the answer here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Who would you recommend for landscape design? Landscape architecture?
We have a page of links to local landscape architects and designers. This allows you to view their work, and decide who would fit best for your project.

Do you have a recommendation list of local contractors for specific needs? Pond installation? Sprinkler systems? Rockeries, or rock walls?
Yes, we do have a list of trusted contractors who specialize in the project you need accomplished.

How do I diagnose a problem with my plants or garden?
We will try our best to diagnose a problem in your garden. You can email us a photo of the problem and/or you can describe the problem to our “Ask the Gardener.” If you’d like, you can self-diagnose with OSU’s website on plant pests and diseases.

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How do I set up a wholesale account?
Follow the wholesale account link, and it will lead you to a new account page where you can fill out your company information and download the necessary forms. It can take up to a week to process your credit application, but for your convenience you are welcome to start shopping and paying by credit card.

What is the wholesale account billing cycle?
Our billing cycle is net 30 days, we bill on the 15th of every month. You are welcome to pay by credit card or check. You can pay conveniently online with credit card or by mail. We are happy to assist you with any further questions. Contact us via email, or by phone at 866-228-7188 (toll-free) or 360-567-4000.

Can I use my business license to get wholesale pricing, but pay the sales tax to you?
Yes, you can. This is designed for small businesses who don’t usually buy wholesale and are the end customer. (Example: Golf Courses, Business locations, schools, and Public Gardens.) These are examples of businesses that don’t want the hassle of reporting the sales tax to the state, but want the benefit of wholesale pricing. Follow the wholesale sign-in link to the new account page. Use your UBI # to set-up your wholesale account. It takes up to a week to process your application, but for your convenience you can pay by credit card for immediate ordering. When filling out your form, check the pay sales tax check box, and your account will be billed for the tax. We will do the tax reporting for you. (This is not meant for customers marking up plants and reselling them to customers.)

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How do I return an item?
The best way to return an item is to contact us by email or phone. We will be happy to credit your account or credit card.

Do you guarantee your products? How Long?
Yes, we guarantee our plant materials for a year if the plant should fail, or there is an error in product. Examples of these are: a disease kills your tree within a year, or your Pink Dogwood blooms white when spring arrives. Our mantra is that the customer is always right, but we trust you will know the difference between a plant that has failed, and a plant that has been left unwatered in the sun for two weeks.

What if I need a plant that is not on your list? Can you find it for me?
Yes we can. We have a database of growers that allows us to search for specific plants and sizes. This allows us to accommodate your more specific or unique orders. Email us the size, quantity, and plant name you are looking for and a Customer Service Representative will contact you.

Please allow 5-7 business days for us to complete your order. When placing your order you can choose the delivery date to accomodate your schedule or time-line for a project. We will contact you to confirm the date.

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